Press Release

ERC funding for two MDC scientists 

Medical imaging has an unavoidable side effect: MRI machines generate heat. Thoralf Niendorf has now been awarded an ERC Advanced grant to turn this feature into a tool to study the role of temperature in animal bodies. A second ERC Advanced Grant goes to Thomas Jentsch, who will explore the functions of ion channels in health and disease.

A cellular system makes the battle against a rare disease personal

Some diseases are untreatable because we lack a model system to fully understand symptoms or test possible drugs. This is the case of mitochondrial disease, a rare condition caused by defects in the “cellular powerhouse.” MDC scientists developed the first human stem-cell based system to find drugs to fight mitochondrial disease.

Prof. Dr. Clemens A. Schmitt (Member of the Board of the Berlin Cancer Society), Prof. Dr. Petra Feyer (Chairman of the Board of the Berlin Cancer Society), Dr. Matthias Leisegang (Charité), Dr. Kristina Zappel (Managing Director of the Berlin Cancer Society). Image: Konstantin Gastmann.

Curt Meyer Memorial Prize awarded to Charité scientist – Commendation for tumor immunologist Matthias Leisegang

Dr. Matthias Leisegang is the recipient of this year’s Curt Meyer Memorial Prize for his research work into analysing cancer mutations as a target in adoptive T-cell therapy. His work will allow the development of a patient-specific immunotherapy that fights cancer in a targeted way.

MDC cancer researcher Roland Schwarz awarded BBAW prize

Dr. Roland F. Schwarz of the MDC conducts research on tumors using bioinformatics. He has just been awarded the Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), donated by the Monika Kutzner Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Research, for his outstanding work.