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UniStem Day 2016 – First German stem-cell research day in Berlin

More than 200 high school students explore the world of stem cells. On March 11, 2016 stem cells were on the timetable for a number of students in Berlin with a keen interest in biology. More than 200 high school students from 15 Berlin schools attended Germany’s first UniStem Day, hosted by the Max Delbrück […]

Stuck on the school bench

Citizen science: Teachers, pupils and scientists work together to measure sitting behavior in young people We all know that a passive lifestyle is bad for our health – but the precise reasons why remain unclear. A group of scientists from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) has now teamed up with teachers and […]

Doing science together – learning from each other

Starting in the fall, MDC scientists will take part in a successful new Berlin proposal for “Teachers and scientists.” For many years, teaching labs such as the “Gläsernes Labor” have offered school children a direct look at modern research. But long-term projects that offer teachers a chance to participate in research projects and pursue the […]

Spanish Tortilla for the flatworms

The MDC Teacher Training Program took place in Spanish. The worms were fed with a sort of tortilla. All parts of the course were taught by Spanish native speakers from the MDC. Dr. Jordi Solana Garcia from the Rajewsky group, Dr. Veronica Lombardo from the Seyfried group, Dr. Daniel Perez Hernandez from the Mass spectrometry […]