Honorary Members of the Max Delbrück Center

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC), the Board of Directors has introduced the research institute’s highest accolade to date. The new award recognizes those who have made particularly significant contributions to the MDC, and consists of the Max Delbrück Center Badge of Honor together with a certificate of honorary membership. The award will […]

Getting into shape

Tom Rapoport, speaker of the second MDC lecture, dedicated his career to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The ER is the cell compartment, or organelle, which is the entry site into the secretory pathway. There, secretory proteins and constituents of the secretory pathway are produced, folded, packaged and addressed for prompt delivery to their final destinations. […]

How Max Delbrück made the “quantum leap” from light to molecular biology

Thoughts on the ‘International Year of Light 2015’ As the days draw in, we “let there be light” by switching on lamps or lighting candles in our homes – usually without giving it a second thought. Physics understands light from a more prosaic point of view: as a high-frequency electromagnetic wave. Strictly speaking, what we […]

“By Gracious Powers…” – The story of Emmi Delbrück – one of Max’s sisters

When I recently attended a silver wedding anniversary celebration at the Catholic parish church Mater Dolorosa in Berlin’s Buch district, the service included the deeply emotional hymn “By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered.” The original German text is a poem written by Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in December 1944, just a few months before he […]

The MDC mourns Richard von Weizsäcker

The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine mourns Richard von Weizsäcker. The former President of Germany died on January 31, 2015. He was given a state funeral on February 11. Richard von Weizsäcker had been our guest of honour when the MDC was founded in 1992, and ever since, he had taken great interest in […]

Heinz Bielka remembers November 9, 1989

Heinz Bielka (85) spontaneously laughs when asked about the day the wall came down. At the time he was head of a department at the Central Institute for Molecular Biology („Zentralinstitut für Molekularbiologie“, ZIM) of the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic, or GDR, the former East Germany. The Max Delbrück Center for […]