Postdoc – what next?  

A doctorate is a key milestone for everyone who wants to embark on an academic career. Numerous postdoctoral researchers – such as Tobias Opialla, who is still unsure about his next steps, or Marina Kolesnichenko, who wants to develop a career in science – are also working in the MDC laboratories. Both are taking up the opportunities provided by the MDC to guide their decision-making.

Building “a small universe:” the very model of a laboratory – Klaus Rajewsky reflects on over 50 years of excellent research and the lab culture that made it possible

In the early 1960s Klaus Rajewsky began creating what later became, as he calls it, a “small universe”: the immunology department at the Institute for Genetics in Cologne, where he would remain for 38 years. It’s a model of how excellent science can be done against a changing landscape of ideas, technologies, and careers, producing […]

Finding the right path

What comes after a PhD? This was the key question at last Thursday’s 2016 CareerDay, organized by the MDC in collaboration with EMBL Alumni, the alumni program run by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg. More than 250 young scientists from research institutes and universities in Berlin took the opportunity to find out more […]

MDC Alumna Henriette Uhlenhaut: “Getting things moving in health research”

Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut really gets around. The well-traveled biotechnologist has worked in Braunschweig, Atlanta, Heidelberg, La Jolla, Berlin, and now Munich. During this time, Uhlenhaut’s research has also taken leaps and bounds, covering topics ranging from the molecular biology of plants to the regulation of genes that determine sex in mammals, to human hormone receptors. […]

More than just co-authors: the MDC builds a new institutional collaboration with Israeli partners

International scientific collaborations between individual labs have become a mainstay of today’s research. At the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, international doctoral programs are broadening these relationships at an institutional level. The German-Israeli Helmholtz Research School “Frontiers in Cell Signaling and Gene Regulation” (SignGene) is the MDC’s newest program and has […]