Campus Life

Cultures calendar: A Sorbian Easter

Easter and colorful eggs go hand in hand. In Slavic culture, it is traditional to decorate these eggs using an intricate technique involving wax and dye. This custom is also practiced by the last Slavic minority group living in Germany, the Sorbs. Martin Ballaschk, who has Sorbian roots, explains how ordinary eggs can be turned into works of art.

Building “a small universe:” the very model of a laboratory – Klaus Rajewsky reflects on over 50 years of excellent research and the lab culture that made it possible

In the early 1960s Klaus Rajewsky began creating what later became, as he calls it, a “small universe”: the immunology department at the Institute for Genetics in Cologne, where he would remain for 38 years. It’s a model of how excellent science can be done against a changing landscape of ideas, technologies, and careers, producing […]

Campus in Motion

On your bikes, get ready, GO! April 29 marked the kickoff of this year’s Green Campus Initiative, “Mobility,” brought to you by the MDC and CampusVital. The goal is to get us moving. Most of the activities will revolve around bicycles, but if you don’t have one, there will be other ways to participate.