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Getting into shape

Tom Rapoport, speaker of the second MDC lecture, dedicated his career to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The ER is the cell compartment, or organelle, which is the entry site into the secretory pathway. There, secretory proteins and constituents of the secretory pathway are produced, folded, packaged and addressed for prompt delivery to their final destinations. […]

MDC Alumna Henriette Uhlenhaut: “Getting things moving in health research”

Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut really gets around. The well-traveled biotechnologist has worked in Braunschweig, Atlanta, Heidelberg, La Jolla, Berlin, and now Munich. During this time, Uhlenhaut’s research has also taken leaps and bounds, covering topics ranging from the molecular biology of plants to the regulation of genes that determine sex in mammals, to human hormone receptors. […]