BIMSB construction site handed over

What seems to be only a small step in a construction project marks a giant leap for the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB): The piece of land for the new 7-story building for the BIMSB on the central historical campus of the Humboldt University was handed over to the MDC officially on Monday, […]

A broken tool and broken hearts

The analysis of the human genome showed that our DNA contains fewer genes than most scientists expected – and that most are more like archipelagoes than compact islands. A gene’s sequence usually contains several protein-encoding segments, called exons, which are separated by long, non-coding sequences called introns. These have to be removed to create a […]

All About Stem Cells

450 scientists met at the 2nd International Annual Conference of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) in Heidelberg “Stem cells are the origin of all different cells in our body. With their help we can elucidate the course of an illness, investigate models for diseases, and, hopefully, develop innovative therapies”, says Andreas Trumpp, President of […]

A meeting point for cardiovascular research

The MDC hosts the first international DZHK symposium from Nov. 22-24. Cardiovascular diseases pose such a great challenge to biomedicine because of their complex origins and systemic effects on the body. Many genes contribute to their development, alongside lifestyle factors that may take decades to have cumulative and deadly effects. Identifying the causes of these […]

Michael Sieweke appointed as Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow

MDC group leader Michael Sieweke has been appointed as one of two “Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows” under a funding program by the Berlin Institute of Health. The appointment will allow him to establish a group at BIH with a focus on translational and systems medicine. Michael will manage the group through several visits to Berlin […]

50th Round of Berlin „Jugend forscht“ competition begins at the MDC

“50 years, that may sound old for young people but curiosity keeps this competition young. And curiosity keeps us young in science.” With these words, Walter Rosenthal, the MDC’s scientific director greeted the 200 guests for the launch of the 50th round of the “Jugend forscht” competition (Jugend forscht translates into ‘yong people do research’). […]

An Open Access Strategy for Berlin

Subscription fees for scientific journals are rising faster than inflation. Even well funded research library budgets are straining under the weight – for example the MDC library will spend around €450,000 on journal subscriptions in 2014 –, let alone research facilities in less wealthy countries or those outside of academia. More than this, there is […]

More than just glue

Magdalena Götz will give a public lecture entitled „Mechanisms of Neurogenesis – from Glial Cells to Neural Repair“ at 2 pm on Wednesday, September 24, in the MDCC. (If you want to join us for the event, please send an email.) Prof. Götz’s work focuses on glial cells (named for the Greek word for „glue“), […]