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Season’s greetings from the Campus Glühweinstand

The Campus Buch Glühweinstand is back – now entering its 5th Advent season, raising money for Berlin Mitte shelter for homeless young people, Klik Kontaktladen. From early days as a rather improvised experiment in a Bürocontainer in 2010, the Glühweinstand has now become a much loved cornerstone of winter tradition on the campus. The little […]

Thomas Sommer is interim Head of the MDC

Thomas Sommer has officially stepped in as interim Director of the MDC after Walter Rosenthal took office as President of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. Since October 15, 2014, Thomas is Interim Chair of the MDC Board of Directors until the appointment of a successor. He also assumed the vacant positions of member of […]

Cultures Calendar: Saint Nicholas and the bad cop

In the 1950s, the Basilica de San Nicola – a church in the Italian harbor city of Bari – was restored. During the restoration, scientists were allowed to open a particular grave to take measurements, photographs, and X-ray images of the bones within. More than fifty years later, forensic anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson used the rich […]

Heinz Bielka remembers November 9, 1989

Heinz Bielka (85) spontaneously laughs when asked about the day the wall came down. At the time he was head of a department at the Central Institute for Molecular Biology („Zentralinstitut für Molekularbiologie“, ZIM) of the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic, or GDR, the former East Germany. The Max Delbrück Center for […]

Witnesses to Living History: Jens Reich recalls the 4th of November 1989

November 4, 1989, was a great day in the history of democracy, says MDC scientist and civil rights-activist Jens Reich (75), while adding that the day itself turned out to have no real impact on things to come. November 4 was the date of the legendary mass rally at the Alexanderplatz, where nearly 30 speakers […]

Celebrate the creation of Adam and Eve

Cultures’ Calendars: Rosh ha Shana, Jewish New Year, 25th and 26th September 2014 For Ekaterina Perets, PhD student in the Rosenthal/Klussmann group, Rosh ha Shana, the Jewish New Year, is one of her personal favorite feasts. Here she tells us about it. “Shana tova ve metuka!” (Have a good and sweet year!) – says my […]

Ready to begin with success

Farewell to the participants of the 6th MDC Mentoring Program. Holding personal aims and strategies, demonstrating steadfastness, but also providing some flexibility in taking advantage of opportunities: these are the experiences, including many other skills, the participants of the 6th MDC Mentoring Program took benefit of. With the 18-month lasting program, the MDC supports committed […]