Archives for September 2016

Advancing the frontiers of DNA repair – together

How is our genome maintained and repaired? It’s a crucial question – a number of genetic diseases and cancers can be traced to defects in the cellular mechanisms that repair DNA damage. The conference “Frontiers in DNA Repair,” organized by MDC scientist Dr. Michela Di Virgilio, recently brought leading researchers on the topic to Berlin to discuss the latest developments in the field.

Image by Anyess von Bock/MDC

High-ranking Cuban delegation visits the MDC

A high-ranking Cuban delegation, headed by deputy health minister Dr. Alfredo Gonzalez Lorenzo, has just paid a visit to the MDC. The eight members of the delegation, who come from the fields of health policy, genetic research and tumor biology, as well as BioCubaFarma, an association of pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies, found out more about the structure and focus of the work carried out by the MDC and the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP), and visited the BiotechPark at Berlin-Buch.


Protein quality control in the cell: Waste removal more efficient than expected

Proteins perform so many vital tasks that without them, our bodies wouldn’t function. In producing these molecules cells make a remarkable number of mistakes: about one third of all newly synthesized proteins are defective. A failure to recognize and eliminate them can lead to severe diseases. A team led by Prof. Thomas Sommer at the MDC has now gained new insights into the complex process of protein quality control in the cell.