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Number 3800 is finally being retired

Irmgard Wiznerowicz has been the archetype of a department and laboratory secretary over the course of a career that began at the Akademie der Wissenschaften, the scientific institute on the Berlin-Buch campus in GDR times. She is now embarking on her next career – as a retiree.

The MDC wishes you happy holidays

Microscopic Christmas Baubles What look like strange Christmas ornaments in this picture are actually micrometer-sized bubbles consisting of a double layer of lipids. The architecture of these giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) is similar to the plasma membrane of a cell, making them a useful model for membranes in the lab. One use is to test […]

The spatula is the perfect tool to get the gel out of the gel chamber. Image: MDC.

#LabHacks – A little killer tool

Spatulas are used in kitchens to get fried eggs, burgers, fried vegetables or pancakes safely out of the pan and onto the plate. This great kitchen utensil also comes in handy in the laboratory – we’ll tell you how …

#LabHacks – Picky Science

Toothpicks are rarely seen on the dining table these days – after all, cheese hedgehogs have gone out of fashion and dental floss provides a more discreet alternative for oral hygiene. So what makes toothpicks popular in laboratories? Read on to find out…