Archives for October 2015

Bent to the task: New dynamin structure reveals how it wraps around membranes

Researchers in Berlin and Hannover have published a new structure of the protein dynamin in the journal Nature. The structure reveals how dynamin building blocks can form larger assemblies. It also shows how mutations that cause certain genetic diseases disrupt dynamin regulation. Many molecules can’t cross cell membranes without the help of vesicles – bubbles […]

Too much salt confuses the immune system

For a long time doctors have warned that a high-salt diet drives blood pressure upwards, increasing a person’s risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. Now scientists have discovered that salt influences the immune system as well. A team of researchers led by Dominik Müller from the Experimental and Clinical Research Center of the […]

Helmholtz President visits the MDC

The new president of the Helmholtz Association, Otmar Wiestler, recently visited the MDC as part of his tour to all the Helmholtz Centers in Germany. Prof. Wiestler, a medical doctor and former Director of the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ in Heidelberg, spent the whole day on the Campus in Berlin-Buch and met scientists ranging […]