Member of the European Parliament visits the MDC

Susanne Melior (MdEP) am MDC. Foto: Büro Melior

Susanne Melior (MdEP) at the MDC. Animal Welfare Officer Anne Zintzsch (at the back) and Josef Zens (front) took the Member of the European Parliament on a tour through the animal facilities. Photo: Office of S. Melior

Susanne Melior, Member of the European Parliament for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), took time to visit the MDC during her summer tour through Berlin and Brandenburg. MDC Interim Director Thomas Sommer had invited her to visit in light of the ongoing debate about animal research in Brussels. Early this year, a EU citizens’ initiative had handed over more than a million signatures calling for a ban on animal experiments. A number of research organizations and institutions urged the European Parliament and the EU Commission not to ban this crucial component of biomedical research and to uphold the high standards for animal research.

During her visit to the MDC, Susanne Melior saw the animal facility and talked to Thomas Sommer and a number of scientists. On her website (in German) she states that for many questions in biomedical research, answers can only be found with the help of animal experiments.

Read more about MdEP Susanne Melior’s visit to the MDC here.

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