Archives for September 2015

MDC Alumna Henriette Uhlenhaut: “Getting things moving in health research”

Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut really gets around. The well-traveled biotechnologist has worked in Braunschweig, Atlanta, Heidelberg, La Jolla, Berlin, and now Munich. During this time, Uhlenhaut’s research has also taken leaps and bounds, covering topics ranging from the molecular biology of plants to the regulation of genes that determine sex in mammals, to human hormone receptors. […]

What a waste! The molecular causes of muscle wasting in heart failure

New molecular details of why heart failure patients suffer from muscle wasting have been revealed by researchers at the Experimental and Clinical Research Center in Berlin and their collaborators at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “Muscle loss is common in patients with end stage congestive heart failure and it’s associated with […]

Darth Vader’s helmet and other adventures at the border of physics, medicine, and biology

Suppose you have a free afternoon to spend discussing topics like interdisciplinarity, new technology and translational research, with physicists, biologists, doctors, patients, computer programmers, and possibly a guy who drives a crane. And while you’re at it, why not fool around with a 32-ton magnet? All that fun and more can be had by hanging […]

Member of the European Parliament visits the MDC

Susanne Melior, Member of the European Parliament for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), took time to visit the MDC during her summer tour through Berlin and Brandenburg. MDC Interim Director Thomas Sommer had invited her to visit in light of the ongoing debate about animal research in Brussels. Early this year, a EU citizens’ […]

Can a small A-kinase anchoring protein have a big role in cancer?

Profiling student research If you don’t know Ekaterina Perets personally, you surely remember the article she wrote on the festival Rosh ha Shana in Insights. Ekaterina, an Israeli PhD student in the lab of Enno Klußmann, recently saw an email inviting scientists to one of the “open-door writing labs” hosted every couple of weeks by the […]

New level of gene regulation plays a role in cardiovascular diseases

When genes are read at the wrong time or in the wrong place they can cause a disease. Less well known is the extent to which the following step, the translation of the gene transcripts into proteins, is also prone to errors. Now, a team lead by Prof. Norbert Hübner of the MDC in Berlin-Buch […]