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Anyone who has tried to put a left glove on their right hand will not only have noticed that it doesn’t fit, they will also have encountered one of nature’s basic principles: chirality. It occurs all around us in the natural world and describes bodies, or even molecules, that cannot be superimposed on their mirror […]

BIH funds new projects at the MDC

In scientific research the discovery of a new type of molecule that regulates the flow of information from genes to proteins has a big impact. Such new regulators are top candidates to tackle human diseases at their roots as they govern on one of the most fine-tuned cellular processes. Today’s rapid development in technology enables […]

A speed-dating service for proteins

Yes, a lot of what they say about proteins is true: they are often promiscuous, and have trouble maintaining long-term attachments… In an experiment or model, two molecules may flirt with each other and look like a couple, but is their interaction really intimate and direct? At the MDC, Erich Wanker is a good person […]

“Open access won’t solve all our problems”

The MDC has asked Prof. Morano to represent the center in the Helmholtz Association’s Open Science working group. We took this as an opportunity to talk to Prof. Morano about open science and open access. How do you see your role as the MDC’s representative in the Helmholtz Open Science working group? On the one […]