Archives for April 2015

Perfecting the tools to rewrite genomes

For many years, scientists have dreamed of manipulating DNA the way copy-editors change texts: from replacing single letters of the genetic code to altering sequences of any length and adding, deleting, replacing, or rearranging large regions of chromosomes. Changes of all of these types have occurred naturally over the course of evolution, and they even […]

More than just co-authors: the MDC builds a new institutional collaboration with Israeli partners

International scientific collaborations between individual labs have become a mainstay of today’s research. At the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, international doctoral programs are broadening these relationships at an institutional level. The German-Israeli Helmholtz Research School “Frontiers in Cell Signaling and Gene Regulation” (SignGene) is the MDC’s newest program and has […]

“By Gracious Powers…” – The story of Emmi Delbrück – one of Max’s sisters

When I recently attended a silver wedding anniversary celebration at the Catholic parish church Mater Dolorosa in Berlin’s Buch district, the service included the deeply emotional hymn “By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered.” The original German text is a poem written by Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in December 1944, just a few months before he […]