Archives for February 2015

New differentiation switch identified in intestine

“The intestine is a fantastic organ for researching the interplay among different signaling pathways”, says Dr. Julian Heuberger of the largest human organ. What’s special about our gut, which can be up to eight meters long, is its surface area of 400 to 500 m2. This large surface area is achieved because of the microscopically […]

A new platform for stem cells and their offspring

A central issue in biomedical research is the need to carry out studies and genetic manipulations of specific types of human and animal cells. Many of these like primary neurons or cardiomyocytes are difficult to obtain directly from living tissues. Recent advances using pluripotent cells have made it possible to generate diverse specialized cell types […]

Second ERC Grant for Francesca Spagnoli

The year 2015 has started very nicely with yet another ERC Grant for the MDC. Francesca Spagnoli, who had formerly received a grant of 1 million Euros, has received additional funding from the European Research Council. This “Proof-of-Concept Grant” is endowed with 150,000 Euros. It is designed for researchers who already hold an ERC grant […]

Glühwein Fever

The annual campus charity Glühwein project hit new heights in 2014, raising the largest amount of money yet. The grand total of €2185.50 was handed to Klik Berlin at the start of this year, supporting their work with young homeless people at the Klik ‘Kontaktladen’ in Berlin Mitte. We’re really proud to have been able […]

New animal lab at the MDC

Construction on a new animal facility, the so-called In vivo Pathophysiology Laboratory (IPL) at the MDC, have started. The construction site is now being cleared of trees. The actual excavation will start most probably in March. In the IPL, we will be able to use cutting-edge technologies with a main focus on non-invasive or minimally […]

The MDC mourns Richard von Weizsäcker

The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine mourns Richard von Weizsäcker. The former President of Germany died on January 31, 2015. He was given a state funeral on February 11. Richard von Weizsäcker had been our guest of honour when the MDC was founded in 1992, and ever since, he had taken great interest in […]

Animal research: Assessment of severity and welfare – why, how & when

As researchers we have a moral, legal and scientific obligation to ensure the highest possible standards of animal welfare when working with animals. In line with this, accurate prediction and assessment of distress caused by animal experiments has become a key part of new regulations governing animal research in Germany. Therefore, the Max Delbrück Center […]