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More than just glue

Magdalena Götz will give a public lecture entitled „Mechanisms of Neurogenesis – from Glial Cells to Neural Repair“ at 2 pm on Wednesday, September 24, in the MDCC. (If you want to join us for the event, please send an email.) Prof. Götz’s work focuses on glial cells (named for the Greek word for „glue“), […]

Tough ones – Human muscle stem cells

4 degrees Celsius and not a lot of oxygen: under adverse environmental conditions human muscle stem cells – the so-called satellite cells – revert back to their survival mode. This is how Simone Spuler and Andreas Marg from the Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) have been treating human satellite cells for the first time. […]

Celebrate the creation of Adam and Eve

Cultures’ Calendars: Rosh ha Shana, Jewish New Year, 25th and 26th September 2014 For Ekaterina Perets, PhD student in the Rosenthal/Klussmann group, Rosh ha Shana, the Jewish New Year, is one of her personal favorite feasts. Here she tells us about it. “Shana tova ve metuka!” (Have a good and sweet year!) – says my […]

Ready to begin with success

Farewell to the participants of the 6th MDC Mentoring Program. Holding personal aims and strategies, demonstrating steadfastness, but also providing some flexibility in taking advantage of opportunities: these are the experiences, including many other skills, the participants of the 6th MDC Mentoring Program took benefit of. With the 18-month lasting program, the MDC supports committed […]