Archives for August 2014

The search for the VRAC

How do cells reduce their volume? This question has teased biologists for decades. After four years of work, Thomas Jentsch’s group has come up with an answer. Together with the Screening Unit, a technology platform jointly run by our neighboring institute, the FMP, and the MDC, the group identified a single gene of previously unknown function […]

MDC Research Camp – Adventure Knowledge 2014

“We’ll need a positive control for this one”, Jan* calls out. “Yes, Professor”, laughs Claudia Jacob, who supervises the MDC Research Camp – Adventure Knowledge 2014 this afternoon. The children were very attentive during the past few days while conducting their first experiments at the Life Science Learning Laboratory. Field research was on the agenda. They […]

A new way to look into the brain

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be combined with an iron nanoparticle preparation that provides a sharp view of microscopic blood vessels in patient’s bodies that have been too small to see with other methods. This proof-of-principle is one outcome of a study conducted by a team around Andreas Pohlmann and Min-Chi Ku from the MDC’s […]

Sounding it out – the National Cohort

What keeps us healthy? This is the question that the National Cohort, Germany’s largest population study, will pursue in the coming 30 years. MDC Insights has tested what awaits the participants. “Next, we’ll mount the teeth.” “Mount?!,” I call out in alarm. “Count,” says Tanja Hinz with a smile. Sadly, the hearing of participants in […]

Joined for a time

18 months of postdoc mentoring program at MDC coming to an end – time to review the experiences and impressions. It is a sunny day in spring; neuroimmunologist Dr. Susanne Wolf and her mentor Professor Ulrich Dirnagl, head of Experimental Neurology at the Charité, cycle through the Berlin Tiergarten. They are on their way from […]

“Constant dropping wears away a stone”

The MDC employees confirmed Christiane Nolte in her office as women’s representative with an overwhelming majority. In an interview, the neuroscientist tells us about the goals she pursues. Why did you stand for the office of women’s representative for a second time? Women continue to require support in the sciences. They still have to battle […]