Archives for July 2014

Transparency to address distrust

The headline of the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost “Berlin will Mäuse leben lassen – Keine Tierversuche mehr (“Berlin wants mice to live – No more animal testing”) has caused a stir amongst biomedical researchers in Berlin. The article is rooted in a motion submitted to the Berlin House of Representatives (“Drucksache 17/0441”; PDF in German) which was put forward […]

Charity concert at the MDC

Chopin, Mozart, Glinka were some of the composers played on the 4th of July in the lecture hall of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Professor Galina Iwanzowa, famed piano teacher at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, had brought gifted pupils to Buch. More than 150 people came and listened. The concert […]

Molecular medicine: A new way to assess disease

It’s not the answer to all diseases, but molecular medicine can fundamentally alter the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. The new molecular medicine forum at the Capital City Convention on Medicine and Health in Berlin provided a great deal of information and many ideas about this area. In ancient times, the diagnosis of diabetes […]

A boost for kidney research at the MDC

MDC molecular biologist and kidney specialist Kai Schmidt-Ott awarded professorship in “Urogenital cancer research” Kai Schmidt-Ott is a perfect example of the way the MDC is pursuing “translational research:” not only is he senior physician of the Nephrology Department at the Charité on the city center campus, but since 2007 he has headed an MDC […]